The central module containing all code dealing with the H2 grid in eGon100RE

The H2 grid, present only in eGon100RE, is composed of two parts:
  • a fixed part with the same topology as the CH4 grid and with carrier ‘H2_retrofit’ corresponding to the retrofitted share of the CH4 grid into a hydrogen grid,
  • an extendable part with carrier ‘H2_gridextension’, linking each H2_salcavern bus to the closest H2_grid bus: this part has no capacity (p_nom = 0) but it can be extended.

As for the CH4 grid, the H2 pipelines are modelled by PyPSA links.


Insert hydrogen grid (H2 links) into the database for eGon100RE.

Insert the H2 grid by executing the following steps:
  • Copy the CH4 links in Germany from eGon2035
  • Overwrite the followings columns:
    • bus0 and bus1 using the grid.egon_etrago_ch4_h2 table
    • carrier, scn_name
    • p_nom: the value attributed there corresponds to the share of p_nom of the specific pipeline that could be retrofited into H2 pipeline. This share is the same for every pipeline and is calculated in the PyPSA-eur-sec run.
  • Create new extendable pipelines to link the existing grid to the H2_saltcavern buses
  • Clean database
  • Attribute link_id to the links
  • Insert into the database