The central module containing all code dealing with fixing ehv subnetworks

class FixEhvSubnetworks(dependencies)[source]


Manually fix grid topology in the extra high voltage grid to avoid subnetworks

This dataset includes fixes for the topology of the German extra high voltage grid. The initial grid topology from openstreetmap resp. osmTGmod includes some issues, eg. because of incomplete data. Thsi dataset does not fix all those issues, but deals only with subnetworks in the extra high voltage grid that would result into problems in the grid optimisation.

Resulting tables
name = 'FixEhvSubnetworks'
version = '0.0.2'
add_bus(x, y, v_nom, scn_name)[source]
add_line(x0, y0, x1, y1, v_nom, scn_name, cables)[source]
add_trafo(x, y, v_nom0, v_nom1, scn_name, n=1)[source]
drop_bus(x, y, v_nom, scn_name)[source]
drop_line(x0, y0, x1, y1, v_nom, scn_name)[source]
drop_trafo(x, y, v_nom0, v_nom1, scn_name)[source]
select_bus_id(x, y, v_nom, scn_name, carrier)[source]