Return dataset configuration.

Parameters:config_file (str, optional) – Path of the dataset configuration file in YAML format. If not supplied, a default configuration shipped with this package is used.
Returns:dict – A nested dictionary containing the configuration as parsed from the supplied file, or the default configuration if no file was given.

Obtain configuration file paths.

If no pid is supplied, return the location of the standard configuration file. If pid is the string “current”, the path to the configuration file containing the configuration specific to the currently running process, i.e. the configuration obtained by overriding the values from the standard configuration file with the values explicitly supplied when the currently running process was invoked, is returned. If pid is the string “*” a list of all configuration belonging to currently running egon-data processes is returned. This can be used for error checking, because there should only ever be one such file.


Sets maximum threads used by NumExpr

settings() → dict[str, dict[str, str]][source]

Return a nested dictionary containing the configuration settings.

It’s a nested dictionary because the top level has command names as keys and dictionaries as values where the second level dictionary has command line switches applicable to the command as keys and the supplied values as values.

So you would obtain the --database-name configuration setting used by the current invocation of of egon-data via