Exensions to Python’s subprocess module.

More specifically, this module provides a customized version of, which always sets check=True, capture_output=True, enhances the raised exceptions string representation with additional output information and makes it slightly more readable when encountered in a stack trace.

exception CalledProcessError(returncode, cmd, output=None, stderr=None)[source]

Bases: subprocess.CalledProcessError

A more verbose version of subprocess.CalledProcessError.

Replaces the standard string representation of a subprocess.CalledProcessError with one that has more output and error information and is formatted to be more readable in a stack trace.

run(*args, **kwargs)[source]

A “safer” version of

“Safer” in this context means that this version always raises CalledProcessError if the process in question returns a non-zero exit status. This is done by setting check=True and capture_output=True, so you don’t have to specify these yourself anymore. You can though, if you want to override these defaults. Other than that, the function accepts the same parameters as