Central module containing all code downloading hotmaps heat demand data.

The 2050 national heat demand of the Hotmaps current policy scenario for buildings are used in the eGon100RE scenario for assumptions on national heating demands in European countries, but not for Germany. The data are downloaded to be used in the PyPSA-Eur-Sec scenario generator (forked into open_ego).

class HeatDemandEurope(dependencies)[source]

Bases: egon.data.datasets.Dataset

Downloads annual heat demands for European countries from hotmaps

This dataset downloads annual heat demands for all European countries for the year 2050 from hotmaps and stores the results into files. These are later used by pypsa-eur-sec.

name = 'heat-demands-europe'
version = 'scen_current_building_demand.csv_hotmaps.0.1'

Download Hotmaps current policy scenario for building heat demands.

The downloaded data contain residential and non-residential-sector national heat demands for different years.