The central module containing all code dealing with importing gas stores

This module contains the functions to import the existing methane stores in Germany and inserting them into the database. They are modelled as PyPSA stores and are not extendable.

class CH4Storages(dependencies)[source]


Inserts the gas stores in Germany

Inserts the non extendable gas stores in Germany into the database for the scnenarios eGon2035 and eGon100RE using the function insert_ch4_storages().

Resulting tables
name = 'CH4Storages'
version = '0.0.3'

Defines the gas stores modelling the store capacity of the grid

Define dataframe containing the modelling of the grid storage capacity. The whole storage capacity of the grid (130000 MWh, estimation of the Bundesnetzagentur) is split uniformly between all the German gas nodes of the grid (without consideration of the capacities of the pipes). In eGon100RE, the storage capacity of the grid is split between H2 and CH4 stores, with the same share as the pipeline capacities (value calculated in the p-e-s run).

  • scn_name (str) – Name of the scenario
  • carrier (str) – Name of the carrier

Gas_storages_list – List of gas stores in Germany modelling the gas grid storage capacity


Defines list of CH4 stores from the SciGRID_gas data

This function reads from the SciGRID_gas dataset the existing CH4 cavern stores in Germany, adjusts and returns them. Caverns reference: SciGRID_gas dataset (datasets/gas_data/data/IGGIELGN_Storages.csv downloaded in download_SciGRID_gas_data). For more information on these data, refer to the SciGRID_gas IGGIELGN documentation.

Parameters:scn_name (str) – Name of the scenario
Returns:Gas_storages_list – Dataframe containing the CH4 cavern store units in Germany

Overall function to import non extendable gas stores in Germany

This function inserts the methane stores in Germany for the scenarios eGon2035 and eGon100RE by using the function insert_ch4_stores() and has no return.


Inserts gas stores for specific scenario

Insert non extendable gas stores for specific scenario in Germany by executing the following steps:

  • Clean the database.
  • For CH4 stores, call the functions import_installed_ch4_storages() to get the CH4 cavern stores and import_ch4_grid_capacity() to get the CH4 stores modelling the storage capacity of the grid.
  • Aggregate the stores attached to the same bus.
  • Add the missing columns: store_id, scn_name, carrier, e_cyclic.
  • Insert the stores into the database.
Parameters:scn_name (str) – Name of the scenario.