Module containing the definition of the links between H2 and CH4 buses

In this module the functions used to define and insert the links between H2 and CH4 buses into the database are to be found. These links are modelling:

  • Methanisation (carrier name: ‘H2_to_CH4’): technology to produce CH4 from H2
  • H2_feedin: Injection of H2 into the CH4 grid
  • Steam Methane Reaction (SMR, carrier name: ‘CH4_to_H2’): techonology to produce CH4 from H2
H2_CH4_mix_energy_fractions(x, T=25, p=50)[source]

Calculate the fraction of H2 with respect to energy in a H2 CH4 mixture.

Given the volumetric fraction of H2 in a H2 and CH4 mixture, the fraction of H2 with respect to energy is calculated with the ideal gas mixture law. Beware, that changing the fraction of H2 changes the overall energy within a specific volume of the mixture. If H2 is fed into CH4, the pipeline capacity (based on energy) therefore decreases if the volumetric flow does not change. This effect is neglected in eGon. At 15 vol% H2 the decrease in capacity equals about 10 % if volumetric flow does not change.

  • x (float) – Volumetric fraction of H2 in the mixture
  • T (int, optional) – Temperature of the mixture in °C, by default 25
  • p (int, optional) – Pressure of the mixture in bar, by default 50

float – Fraction of H2 in mixture with respect to energy (LHV)


Copy H2/CH4 links from the eGon2035 to the eGon100RE scenario.


Inserts methanisation, feedin and SMR links into the database

Define the potentials for methanisation and Steam Methane Reaction (SMR) modelled as extendable links as well as the H2 feedin capacities modelled as non extendable links and insert all of them into the database. These tree technologies are connecting CH4 and H2_grid buses only.

The capacity of the H2_feedin links is considerated as constant and calculated as the sum of the capacities of the CH4 links connected to the CH4 bus multiplied by the H2 energy share allowed to be fed in. This share is calculated in the function H2_CH4_mix_energy_fractions().