Module containing the definition of the AC grid to H2 links

In this module the functions used to define and insert the links between H2 and AC buses into the database are to be found. These links are modelling:

  • Electrolysis (carrier name: ‘power_to_H2’): technology to produce H2 from AC
  • Fuel cells (carrier name: ‘H2_to_power’): techonology to produce power from H2

Insert electrolysis and fuel cells capacities into the database.

The potentials for power-to-H2 in electrolysis and H2-to-power in fuel cells are created between each H2 bus (H2_grid and H2_saltcavern) and its closest HV power bus. These links are extendable. For the electrolysis, if the distance between the AC and the H2 bus is > 500m, the maximum capacity of the installation is limited to 1 MW.

Parameters:scn_name (str) – Name of the scenario

Copy H2/power links from the eGon2035 to the eGon100RE scenario.


Map H2 buses to nearest HV AC bus.

Parameters:scn_name (str) – Name of the scenario.
Returns:gdf (geopandas.GeoDataFrame) – GeoDataFrame with connected buses.