Motorized Individual Travel (MIT) Charging Infrastructure

Main module for preparation of static model data for charging infrastructure for motorized individual travel.

class MITChargingInfrastructure(dependencies)[source]


Preparation of static model data for charging infrastructure for motorized individual travel.

The following is done:

  • Creation of DB tables
  • Download and preprocessing of vehicle registration data from zenodo
  • Determination of all potential charging locations for the four charging use cases home, work, public and hpc per MV grid district
  • Write results to DB
Resulting tables


The config of this dataset can be found in datasets.yml in section charging_infrastructure.

Charging Infrastructure

The charging infrastructure allocation is based on TracBEV. TracBEV is a tool for the regional allocation of charging infrastructure. In practice this allows users to use results generated via SimBEV and place the corresponding charging points on a map. These are split into the four use cases home, work, public and hpc.

name = 'MITChargingInfrastructure'
version = '0.0.1'
create_tables() → None[source]

Create tables for charging infrastructure

download_zip(url: str, target: Path, chunk_size: int | None = 128) → None[source]

Download zip file from URL.

  • url (str) – URL to download the zip file from
  • target (pathlib.Path) – Directory to save zip to
  • chunk_size (int or None) – Size of chunks to download
get_tracbev_data() → None[source]

Wrapper function to get TracBEV data provided on Zenodo.

unzip_file(source: pathlib.Path, target: pathlib.Path) → None[source]

Unzip zip file

  • source (Path) – Zip file path to unzip
  • target (Path) – Directory to save unzipped content to