Module containing functions to insert gas abroad

In this module, functions used to insert the gas components (H2 and CH4) abroad for eGon2035 and eGon100RE are defined.

insert_gas_grid_capacities(Neighbouring_pipe_capacities_list, scn_name)[source]

Insert crossbordering gas pipelines into the database

This function inserts a list of crossbordering gas pipelines after cleaning the database. For eGon2035, all the CH4 crossbordering pipelines are inserted (no H2 grid in this scenario). For eGon100RE, only the crossbordering pipelines with Germany are inserted (the other ones are inserted in PypsaEurSec), but in this scenario there are H2 and CH4 pipelines.

  • Neighbouring_pipe_capacities_list (pandas.DataFrame) – List of the crossbordering gas pipelines
  • scn_name (str) – Name of the scenario