The module containing all code dealing with geothermal potentials and costs

Main source: Ableitung eines Korridors für den Ausbau der erneuerbaren Wärme im Gebäudebereich, Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin ifeu – Institut für Energie- und Umweltforschung Heidelberg GmbH Februar 2017

calc_geothermal_costs(max_costs=inf, min_costs=0)[source]
calc_usable_geothermal_potential(max_costs=2, min_costs=0)[source]

Calculate geothermal potentials close to district heating demands

  • max_costs (float, optional) – Maximum accepted costs for geo thermal in EUR/MW_th. The default is 2.
  • min_costs (float, optional) – Minimum accepted costs for geo thermal in EUR/MW_th. The default is 0.

float – Geothermal potential close to district heating areas in MW


Calculates geothermal potentials for different investment costs.

The investment costs for geothermal district heating highly depend on the location because of different mass flows and drilling depths. Thsi functions calcultaes the geothermal potentials close to germany for five different costs ranges. This data can be used in pypsa-eur-sec to optimise the share of geothermal district heating by considering different investment costs.