Generates a map with the position of all the wind farms

Parameters:*No parameters required

Generate wind farms based on existing wind farms.

Parameters:*No parameters required

Main function. Import power objectives generate results calling the functions “generate_wind_farms” and “wind_power_states”.

Parameters:*No parameters required
wind_power_states(state_wf, state_wf_ni, state_mv_districts, target_power, scenario_year, source, fed_state)[source]

Import OSM data from a Geofabrik .pbf file into a PostgreSQL database.

  • state_wf (geodataframe, mandatory) – gdf containing all the wf in the state created based on existing wf.
  • state_wf_ni (geodataframe, mandatory) – potential areas in the the state wich don’t intersect any existing wf
  • state_mv_districts (geodataframe, mandatory) – gdf containing all the MV/HV substations in the state
  • target_power (int, mandatory) – Objective power for a state given in MW
  • scenario_year (str, mandatory) – name of the scenario
  • source (str, mandatory) – Type of energy genetor. Always “Wind_onshore” for this script.
  • fed_state (str, mandatory) – Name of the state where the wind farms will be allocated